Superhero DEX and iOS - A Vignette

The recently unleashed Superhero DEX is up and running — and quite strongly so. With folks flocking in from all over the place to take advantage of all the features this æternity blockchain-powered decentralized exchange platform has to offer, many have provided us with valuable insights, feedback, and constructive advice.

Having this in mind, we’ve identified a few potential gaps that our iOS users have been facing and have assembled a short guide on the matter for you to be able to soundly and safely use the Superhero DEX and rest assured that everything is functioning in order.

1. Superhero Wallet does not open.

You might have encountered a hiccup while using the Superhero DEX — your Superhero Wallet does not open and, instead, you get redirected to the website! Don’t worry, nothing went astray — just simply tap “retrieve existing wallet” and use your seed phrase directly from the native app.

(Needless to say, but still always useful to know — do not, do not, do not show your seed phrase to anyone!)


2. Disappearing transactions

When signing for a transaction in the Superher Wallet, you might encounter a situation in which your selection disappeared upon returning to the Superhero Wallet!

Fear not! Everything happened according to protocol — the transaction went through regardless of it not being visible from the Superhero Wallet at that time — re-selecting the tokens you were trying to swap or to provide liquidity for should take care of the mishap instantly!

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